JUANITA SOLANO   Collection Manager


Collection Manager

Juanita is the collection manager at ISLAA. Since 2012, she has been involved with the foundation, first as a cataloger and registrar, and now overseeing the collection. She has been awarded with several grants and fellowships including the Joan and Stanford Alexander Award from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Roberta and Richard Huber Fellowship at the Institute of Fine Arts. Her academic writing has been included in Beyond the Face: New Perspectives on Portraiture (London: D. Giles , 2018), Lámparas de mil bujías: Fotografía y arte en América Latina desde 1839 (Barcelona: Fog, 2018), and Manuel Álvarez Bravo: Vintage (New York: Throckmorton Fine Art, 2014). Juanita has curated several exhibitions, most recently Semiophores (Bogota, Aurora Espacio de Arte, 2017) and Bitter Bites: Tracing the Fruits Market in the Global South (New York, Cuchifritos Gallery, 2017). 

Juanita holds a PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. Her work focuses on the history of photography and modern and contemporary art from Latin America.