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The first film of the 270 series, Liliana Porter and Man with Axe: Fragments of a Conversation with Julio Grinblatt on the work Man with Axe and Other Brief Situations, is dedicated to Argentine-born, New York-based artist Liliana Porter and directed by Julio Grinblatt. 

The focus of this film is Liliana Porter’s 2014-2017 large scale installation: El hombre con el hacha y otras situaciones breves (Man with Axe and Other Brief Situations). Originally on display at the 57th Venice Biennale, this work is now part of the collection of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), and is currently on view there. The piece is a mesmerizing compendium of Liliana Porter’s oeuvre, and serves as the guiding thread for this unique dialogue with the artist.  

ISLAA is proud to bring the testimonies and memories of artists such as  Liliana Porter to all audiences.

Form more information: Julio Grinblatt  or here 


 270 is a new collaborative initiative put forth by ISLAA in order to disseminate and preserve the legacy of artists from Latin America. Based on an idea of Professor Alexander Alberro, and inspired by groundbreaking filmmaker Chris Marker’s 1962 La Jetée, 270 is a series of art-house short films created from still photographs. The title of this series refers to the duration of its films: four minutes and thirty seconds. Midway between an artwork and a documentary, 270 bears witness to –in both its subjects and the film’s creators— the life and oeuvre of artists who have greatly contributed to Latin American culture.