Founder & President

Ariel is the Founder and President of the New York based Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA). He is the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Global Organization Effectiveness at Indiana University; and the Founder of Geo Global Foundation.

Ariel started his in-depth involvement with philanthropic endeavors in 2008 when he founded Geo Global Foundation. Two years later, aiming to help the advancement of the study and comprehension of Latin American art he founded ISLAA.

Ariel is a member of the Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires advisory board and he is the co-founder of Investigación en Diseño Argentino (IDA), an Argentina based pioneering foundation which focuses on the history of design. Ariel also serves on the global advisory board of The Endeavor Global Initiative. 

Ariel is an advisory board member of Ribbit Capital, a leading Silicon Valley venture fund and is he is also an advisory board member of ON AG, a leading running shoe company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ariel is a graduate of The University of Southern California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. He is also a graduate of Harvard University’s Owner-President Management Program (OPM).