Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA) is an educational initiative of the Geo Global Foundation devoted to the support of advanced research in the field of Latin American art studies.

Who can receive funding from ISLAA?

ISLAA is devoted to nurturing future generations of Latin American art scholars, art historians and museum professionals by providing funds to their institutions. Each year, ISLAA allocates grants to various educational institutions and organizations, which subsequently facilitate financial support to designated projects and recipients.

What types of projects does ISLAA fund?

ISLAA facilitates funding to students, scholars and professionals pursuing advanced studies in the field of Latin American art.

ISLAA also provides grants for institutional initiatives that create new opportunities for the promotion and understanding of Latin American art.

Examples may include research and travel grants; contributions to the expansion and acquisition of research and reference materials on topics within Latin American art; visiting professorships, and funding of public lectures, seminars and publications, as well as other events centered on Latin American art.

Who is eligible?

Any international institution with an advanced graduate program in the study of Latin American art or a cultural organization specializing in advancing Latin American art and art history may be eligible to receive ISLAA funding. If you are an institution interested in ISLAA, please contact us at

How do I apply for ISLAA grants?

ISLAA does not directly accept applications from individuals. ISLAA works with partner institutions that facilitate grants to designated projects and recipients. Individual applications must be made to ISLAA’s partnering institutions. For a list of our partnering institutions, please click here

Who decides which organizations receive ISLAA grants?

Every three years, ISLAA’s Executive Committee selects the institutions that are awarded ISLAA grants. These institutions are universities that offer graduate programs in Latin American art, and museums with educational and editorial programs on Latin American art.

Can my organization receive support from ISLAA?

If you are interested in proposing a program for ISLAA, please follow the general guidelines.

A proposal for funding should include the following:
- A letter of approximately 3 pages describing the activity for which funds are being requested; if applying for the first time, give a brief description of the organization's mission, purpose and goals.
- A project budget
- A copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) ruling from the IRS (if applicable)
Please do not send any additional material with your proposal. Proposals may only be submitted by email:  

How does ISLAA monitor/supervise the use of the funding? Are there any strings attached?

While each beneficiary institution defines the purpose and administers these funds in concordance with our guidelines, ISLAA requires partnering institutions to send a report of the recipients’ projects and the impact on their work after the end of each academic year.

How can I support ISLAA?

ISLAA gratefully accepts contributions to help support its mission. There are various ways to support ISLAA, including donations and contributions to our events and programs. 
If you would like to make a donation please contact us at

Your contributions are usually tax deductible.

I am a member of the press. How do I contact ISLAA for press queries?

For interviews and press inquiries, please contact