Fundación –I–D–A

@ Fundación –I–D–A, 2019

@ Fundación –I–D–A, 2019

Fundación I–D–A (Research on Argentinean Design) is an Argentine institution whose mission is the recovery, interpretation, promotion, and preservation of the history of national design. It aims to create a record of cultural heritage that will serve as a statement of how the evolution of the discipline of design is linked to cultural, economic, and industrial sectors.

The first phase of the project focuses on four subjects:
– > Industrial and Product Design
– > Graphic Design and Visual Communication
– > Textile and Fashion Design
– > Theory and Management

I–D–A’s holdings consist of documents and objects, and record the history of Argentine design through functional, technological, material, aesthetic, symbolic, theoretical and social contributions. The collection incites crossdisciplinary interactions that are a vital part of Argentine national identity. With this endeavor, Argentina joins those countries that are advanced in the field of design, and whose archives and specialized collections use innovative management platforms to achieve a wealth of knowledge.

ISLAA is honored to collaborate with Fundación I-D-A to contribute to the development of research on Argentinean design by supporting its international exposure through dynamic and interdisciplinary platforms.