Almir Mavignier: Privileged Form


almir mavignier: privileged form

 march 02 - april 19, 2018

galeria nara roesler | new york
22 east 69th street 3R
new york, ny, 10021

Galeria Nara Roesler | New York is pleased to present Almir Mavignier: Privileged Form, an exhibition featuring posters by Almir da Silva Mavignier (b.1925, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil). The exhibition will also include a seminal “Kinechromatic Device” produced circa1955 by Abraham Palatnik (b.1928, Natal, Brazil), a sculpture that employs light play to create kaleidoscopic images. Palatnik’s and Mavignier’s trajectory overlap, as both artists,along with Mario Pedrosa and Ivan Serpa, were united in pursuit of what Mavignier called a “privileged form”.

The aesthetic strategies employed to investigate form and color in Mavignier’s posters have long been present in his practice. His work is informed by his early experiences in Rio de Janeiro, his time in the constructivist Ulm school in Germany led by Max Bill, and his association with the Zero Group. Mavignier masterfully embodied the artistic principles expounded by these movements in his designs, a skill which conferred on him a key position as poster-maker for the twentieth-century avant-garde. The presented pieces reflect the scope of Mavignier’s production and include posters made to announce exhibitions by artists, movements and institutions such as Paul Klee, group Zero and the Museum for Concrete Art. The show will also highlight posters produced to publicize
exhibitions by Jesús Rafael Soto and Abraham Palatnik, emphasizing on the commonalities between Mavignier’s practice and the formal investigation led by these artists.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the contribution and collaboration established between Nara Roesler Gallery and the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA). ISLAA has opened up its collection of posters to the gallery, and has loaned forty vintage posters for this exhibition.

03.02.2018 - 04.19.2018

opening hours
monday - friday | 10am - 6pm
saturday | 11am - 6pm