Roberto Obregón. A topological aesthetic, or on the incommensurability

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Coinciding with his first individual exhibition in Colombia, the second Cuaderno FLORA is dedicated to the work of Roberto Obregón. The Venezuelan artist dedicated most of his late work to the exploration of the rose as a symbolic artefact as well as a semantic system, and through it he created a universe of works that move between the artistic, the scientific and the lingüistic. Featuring texts by Ariel Jimenez, the curator of the show, and José Roca, artistic director at FLORA ars+natura.

Published by FLORA ars+natura in collaboration with Colección Carolina and Fernando Eseverri,  Colección C&FE, in Caracas, and the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA).

Cuaderno FLORA
Roberto Obregon
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