Material Ideas: Argentine Art and Design in the '60S


Material Ideas
Argentine Art and Design in the '60s
Monday October 7, 7:00 PM
Participants: Edgardo Giménez, Raúl Manrupe and Ángela Vasallo
Presenters: Wustavo Quiroga and Socorro Gimenez Cubillos
Place: Malba Auditorium. Admission open and free of charge

As part of the Buenos Aires International Design Week, next Monday October 7 at 7:00 pm, Malba and Fundación IDA will present the book Ideas Materiales: Arte y diseño argentino en la década del 60 [Material Ideas: Argentine Art and Design in the '60s]. For the first time, this publication gathers unpublished images, experiences and testimonies of the leading figures in the art and design world of Argentina.

The book serves as record and a compilation of the Jornadas de Diseño [Design Conference] held at Malba in October 2015 as part of the Public Programs of the exhibition Polesello joven 1958-1974. That Conference allowed reexamining the bridges built between art and design in the 1960s, through advertising agencies, research centers, universities, and spaces such as cafés, bars, and discotheques. It also recaptured the voices of artists, publicists, designers, and theoreticians.

Temporal framework to an agitated world, the 1960s were years of profound changes in inhabitation, communication, expression and understanding. Numerous events around the globe testified to an ebullience no one could be indifferent to. In Argentina, despite the ups and downs of democracy and an escalating militarization, the excitement and frenzy invaded countless areas, especially in creative domains.

“The many aspects it considers and its various formats and perspectives make this book captivatingly dynamic. It is an invitation to plunge into the aesthetics, behaviors, objects and actors of those years when art and design stepped out of their assigned circles to filter into their surroundings with an almost unprecedented energy," remarks Wustavo Quiroga, editor of the book and President of Fundación IDA.  

The book is divided into four modules and includes 16 essays signed by outstanding specialists, scholars, and professionals in design, the visual arts, music and cinema, in a range of sociological, historiographic, and cultural perspectives.

I. The City. “The draft of a future, the Argentine Sesquicentennial Fair," by Rafael Iglesia, “Solid foundations, daring projection: spaces and objects in Olivetti Argentina's corporate design” by Silvio Plotquin, “Photoplotting, a construction system for public images" by Fanny Fingermann, and “Urban songs: representation of the city in literature" by Aníbal Jakowski.

II. Experimentalism, Psychadelics and Pop. “Acceleration and new life styles in the 60s” by Susana Saulquin, “Times and spaces in the First Worldwide Comic Book Biennial" by Oscar Steimberg, “Mau Mau and the Buenos Aires nightlife" by Cristina Civale and Mario Salcedo, and “Precedents and beginnings of electronic music in Argentina” by Francisco Kröpfl.

III. Forms, materials and industries. “Youth fashion: from pop transgression to criolla ethnicity" by Felisa Pinto, “CIDI Impulse: Industry, design, and expanded imaginaries" by Susi Aczel, Jorge Ciaglia, and Carolina Muzi, “Intimate relations: Stilka, Buró, and Cicero Publicidad” by Reinaldo Leiro, and “Agens, design services for Siam Di Tella industries” by Rubén Fontana, José María Heredia, Martín Mazzei, and Alan Neumarkt.

IV. Historiography and design. “Society and objects: sources for a historiography of design” by Javier de Ponti, “Academic research as a medium for the circulation of design" by Verónica Devalle, “Publicity and graphic design: an unpublished dialogue" by Raúl Manrupe, and “Women in Argentine design in the '60s" by Silvia Fernández.

Ideas Materiales. Arte y diseño argentino en la década del 60 is a co-publication of Malba and the Fundación IDA, the largest repository of archives and collections of Argentine design, whose documentary background and pieces encompass nearly a century of history.

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Support from the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA) has made possible this publication and its worldwide distribution to art libraries, universities, and researchers.

Ideas Materiales. Arte y diseño argentino en la década del 60
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